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Week 9 Results

I’m going to skip week 8 and just give results for week 9.  I keep forgetting to update this blog, so thats really why i am skipping ahead some weeks.  Recent news would be that Steve Smith is out for the year, as well as Keenan Allen.  Two huge parts of my WR core that took a big hit.  I’ve been scrambling to find some good backups WR and i think i found a couple.  As we stand right now in our league, i am in 6th place.  The playoffs will take the top six teams, so i’m in the playoffs if they started now.  Then anything can happen once you get in the playoffs!

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Week 7 Results

Well Week 7 sucked.  That’s the easiest way to put it.  I scored a measly 98.05 points.  I couldn’t even beat the average of the week.  Luckily, that is all I was playing this week was the average.   One of my friends keeps making fun of how bad my team is.  I finally just told him to go worry about his limos in Youngstown and not about me!   So let’s do a little run down of the 8 failures I decided to start this week.

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Week 7 Starters

It’s about time to keep climbing up that leaderboard.  Currently, I am sitting 5th in the standings with a 6-5 record.  I have a decent matchup this week against the league average.  No head to head matchup.  This could be good or bad.  Seems like there is usually more teams above the average than below so hopefully i’ll stay above and get that W.  Right now I don’t have a high point total, so if the ties keep going, when figuring out the playoffs the total point section might hurt me.

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Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

Yes folks, Jeffy Football pulled out a big win this week.  I think i’m a little behind on my updates, been a crazy crazy week.  The last post was something like week 4 maybe.  Well i’m just gonna skip week 5 and get to the beef of the operation and go to the week 6 results.   PS – my espn league sucks so i’m done talking about that one.  I’m like 1-5  BS.  Plus, just watched the games at my buddies house too.  Yes, the dweeb that runs a limo company in Youngstown.  Totally annoying.

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Ok, so yesterday we talked about my fantasy team.  Today I will talk about my failures as an espn fantasy coach.  Even though I had a pretty good work scoring 137 points, i got destroyed by 17.  137-154.  This dude is so annoying too.  All he talks about are big ass limos all the time!  Lame!

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Post Number 1

Alright folks, time to get this started!  I decided on a theme for my lovely writing and I hope you guys enjoy.


Theme – Fantasy Football


Ok, I will probably use this page as a rant page to call out my crappy performers for the fantasy football season.  I’m in two different leagues which is starting to become confusing as hell when I try to figure out who I have on each one.  One league has some decent running backs where the other one has some decent wide receivers.

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