New Year Baby!!

Ok, so it’s that time again!  Time for a new year.  Boy did last year suck.  I was awful in both leagues.  I think I finished and missed the playoffs in not just one league, but both leagues was awful.  I did finally kick the shit out of my dude and his Youngstown Limos.  Was Great, he didn’t talk to me in a month and I told him i hope his limo business sucks, haha.  Ok, so not really but ya, I beat his ass!

So, this year we have a keeper league in league.  We had two stipulations for new rule.

  1. You can’t keep a guy that was drafted in the first two rounds
  2. A guy that you designate as a keeper, has to have been drafted and on your roster for the whole year.

I like rule two the most.  This kept people from drafting hurt players and just keeping them holding out on your roster.  Jordy Nelson would have been a great example of this.  He was injured in the preseason, but could have been worth a 13th round pick if you kept him on your roster for the duration of the year.  It also eliminates people from just dropping and picking up people as much.  I always like to try and find a sleeper.  But, if you do find a sleeper you are not able to keep it for a keeper.

Using your keeper is pretty cool too.  I have two options of guys that I can keep from my squad.  They are Keenan Allen (round 4) and Ameer Abdullah (Round 5).  So, if I decide to keep Keenan Allen, then in this year’s draft I will lose my 4th round pick.  Same goes for Ameer.  So whatever round you drafted a guy you want to keep, you lose that pick and just get your keeper inserted.  If you keep the same guy for two years in a row, then you will lose a first round pick that second year.  Unfortunately for me, both of these guys could probably be drafter in later rounds.  Neither are worth the pick where I drafted them.

Stay turned folks, I will be back with updates after our draft on the 27th of August!

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