Week 9 Results

I’m going to skip week 8 and just give results for week 9.  I keep forgetting to update this blog, so thats really why i am skipping ahead some weeks.  Recent news would be that Steve Smith is out for the year, as well as Keenan Allen.  Two huge parts of my WR core that took a big hit.  I’ve been scrambling to find some good backups WR and i think i found a couple.  As we stand right now in our league, i am in 6th place.  The playoffs will take the top six teams, so i’m in the playoffs if they started now.  Then anything can happen once you get in the playoffs!

Ok, so I kicked some ass this week and went 2-0.  I scored 146 points and outscored good ol’ heathbar by 17.  Heathbar was in second place in our league and had a pretty good team.

So here’s the recap

QB – Andrew Luck – 28 points

This game pitted the best QB that has ever played in Indy vs the one that could replace him.  It was manning vs luck.  Luck ended up with the upper hand as his team one in the closing seconds.  As far as output is concerned, luck had 252 passing yards which is pretty small.  He also managed to run by denvers defense for another 34 yards and throw 2 touchdowns.

RB –  Antonio Andrews – 12.10

This was one of those free agent pickups i tried to jump on.  He was injured for a little while but made his way back to the lineup.  Right now he is their starter.  The good news is that he’s going to get a lot of snaps.  The bad news is that it’s for the titans.  Against the Saints Andrews had 88 rushing yards and 23 receiving yards on one reception.  Somehow they did end up winning the game too.

RB – DeMarco Murray – 28.10

By far this was his best game of the year.  He had 18 rushes for 83 yards and a touchdown.  He also got 6 catches for 78 yards.  So thats a total of 161 years and a td for the running back.  The good news is if he can keep this progress up.  The bad news is as i’m writing this, i just traded him for two WR – Brandon Marshall and James Jones.  Hopefully he had his best week already, haha.

WR – Michael Crabtree – 29.80

All three of my next WR are guys i’ve picked up in the last couple weeks.  This one had the most upside.  He’s been getting at least 8 targets each week all season.  That is a lot of potential catches.  On this day he got 12 targets, caught 7 for 108 yards.  Of that 7, 2 of them were touchdowns.  Quite the point machine!

WR – Willie Snead – 15.50

This guy can almost be argued that he is the top New Orleans Saints WR.  I certainly like to argue it.  He had 6 receptions and 95 yards sunday vs. the Titans.  He is a great route runner and tends to get open quite a bit.  I like the upside to this guy each week.  After the trade I just made, not sure how or if he will continue to start, but it’s hard to keep him out of the lineup.

WR – Ben Watson – 11

Another New Orleans WR.  He is actually a TE, probably the first TE i’ve started in a long time in this league.  He caught all five of his targets for a total of 60 yards.  Not a bad day, but probably more than what he’d normally get.  His value might be about done.  I think he will be dropped once the trade actually processes.

K – Connor Barth – 11

I had to pick up a kicker to sub for my bye week.  This was the guy.  Not  a bad day for him either.  4 field goals which would net 12 points, but he also missed once which subtracts a point from his total.

Def – Bills – 11

They gave up 17 points which is quite a bit against the dolphins.  2 sacks led to 2 points.  They also managed to get a safety somehow and a fumble recovery.  Not bad but they just aren’t scoring what I need.  I dropped them a few hours ago to pick up another defense.

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