Week 7 Results

Well Week 7 sucked.  That’s the easiest way to put it.  I scored a measly 98.05 points.  I couldn’t even beat the average of the week.  Luckily, that is all I was playing this week was the average.   One of my friends keeps making fun of how bad my team is.  I finally just told him to go worry about his limos in Youngstown and not about me!   So let’s do a little run down of the 8 failures I decided to start this week.

QB – Andrew Luck – 33.35

Pretty good passing day here for Luck against the Aints….baaaaa yes i said Aints hahaha.  He went for a smooth 333 passing yards.  I swear, they must not have been playing any defense over there in New Orleans.  Even though, I have a feeling they still won the game.  He managed to throw 3 td’s which is a sweet 21 points.  But ol lucky also had two picks which subtracted some from his score.  Ohhh, forgot to mention that he also rushed for 27 yards too.

RB – LeGarette Blount – -0.30

Yes folks, that is a negative (-) sign in front of a woeful .30 points.  LeGarette rushed the ball a whole 3 times and managed to just lose only 3 yards.  Pretty pathetic, this is a guy i need to rush the ball in the end of the season and this is what he produces.  Yuck.

RB – DeMarco Murray – 9.00

Now up is my second round draft pick!  Ohhhh is he producing second round numbers or what.  Actually his numbers aren’t too bad when i look at the collection.  This would have been his second lowest week.  I think even after the game he made some remarks like get me the damn ball or something like that.  He did rush 18 times which is a high number.  He caught two passes, so there were 20 opportunities for him.  He totaled about 70 yards with those 20 touches.

WR – Keenan Allen – 17.90

My fantasy project of the week.  Love watching this guy play.  He’s physical and can catch some balls.  This week he had a chance at 13 balls.  He was able to catch 9 of them for 89 yards.  No touchdowns but 9 for 89 is still pretty good.  He has to be up near the top in catches so far this year.  Wish he could get more td’s though, only has 3 touchdowns through 7 weeks.  IT will come soon enough.

WR – Vincent Jackson – 2.30

This guy has been a wild card every week.  Not sure why i’ve been starting his butt.  Again, we have anohter lackluster week.  I think part of it was that he got hurt, but i am not exactly sure if he did get injured or not.  Probably will find out in a couple days when they update his status.  Against the sh*tty redskins he could only manage one catch for 13 yards.  Not entirely his fault because he had only one other target.

WR – Steve Smith – 12.80

I like to try and average about 12 points per player, so this was right about the midpoint i guess.  Smith had 5 catches for 78 yards.  I didn’t expect a big day just because the cardinals defense is pretty damn good.  Patrick Peterson and the honey badger are top of the line defenders so this is no surprise.  He did have a chance to catch a total of nine balls.

K – Steven Hauschka – 8.00

Ahhh noone really cares about kickers.  Glad he got me some points and didn’t lose any.  Guessing he had two field goals and two extra points.  Big deal.

Def – Bills – 15.00

Finally the defense.  When I won my championship a few years ago, it was because my defense got me like 20 points a week.  15 is a pretty darn good score.  Of course a defensive/special teams touchdown adds to that good score.  Otherwise they had 2 sacks – 2 points and an interceptions.


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