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Yes folks, Jeffy Football pulled out a big win this week.  I think i’m a little behind on my updates, been a crazy crazy week.  The last post was something like week 4 maybe.  Well i’m just gonna skip week 5 and get to the beef of the operation and go to the week 6 results.   PS – my espn league sucks so i’m done talking about that one.  I’m like 1-5  BS.  Plus, just watched the games at my buddies house too.  Yes, the dweeb that runs a limo company in Youngstown.  Totally annoying.

Week 6

Jeffy Football – 141  vs Hall of Fame 127.65

QB – Andrew Luck 37.10

Finally, Luck acted like a freaking first round pick.  312 passing yard, 35 rushing yards and 3 passing touchdowns.  Now that’s a game.  He held my team together and got the points that you expect from a #1 QB.

RB – Ameer Adbullah – 11

He has pretty much became a mainstay in my lineup.  He does have some fumble issues and i think he even got a little banged up in this week’s game.  Theo Riddick probably had his best game as a lion, which hurts because it could have been Abdullah who got a stinger.  Either way he was able to get 48 rushing yards, 21 receiving yards, 22 kick return yards and 3 catches.  Would have loved to see him get more catches there in the fourth quarter.

RB – DeMarco Murray  21.30

Big play DeMarco finally came through.  Been waiting for him to show up for the Eagles.  I think half the problem is their offensive line is just garbage.  I think it may have helped that he started whining about not getting the ball.  The whole Sam Bradford experiment hasn’t been going well either.  Anyways, Murray broke 100 yards for the first time this year.  He got 109 rushing yards, 14 receiving yards on 3 receptions and broke into the endzone for a touchdown.  He needs to keep this up!

Wr – Keenan Allen 29.70

Not bad point production on 3 quarters of playing.  Keenen got taken out sometime in the third quarter.  He was still able to grab 14 receptions for 157 yards.  That is crazy good numbers.  If we could have got in the end zone it would have been even better.  Chargers seem to have found a decent passing game but need to get some more W’s.  Hopefully Allen is able to suit it up this week.

WR – Willie Snead 9.5

Just picked up Slick Willie this week.  He seems to have taken over as the #1 WR in New Orleans.  Cooks in my opinion, just isn’t ready to be that go to guy.  Snead is used to it.  He went to a smaller MAC school and dominated his opponents.  I remember watching him play Toledo and thinking this dude is good.  He had an average game though and caught 4 balls for 55 yards.

WR – Kendall Wright 7.40

Usually you just kind of hope for 10 points from each player.  That would give a total of 80 points for your team.  Of course though, that is like a minimum for points.  Wright had 4 catches for 34 yards.  He was definetly under the minimum for each player.  That is not his fault though, Mariotta got injured in the game and didn’t have his accuracy.  He had to deal with a low hit that tweaked his knee.  They kept him in though, which was somewhat surprising.  Anyways, while watching the game Wright came wide open in the corner for an easy score and Mariotta overthrew him pretty badly.  That would have been at least 7 points more for me.  Which would be around his normal average.

K – Steven Hauschka 11

Even though the game was pretty low scoring, Hauschka was still able to pull in 11 points for me.  He made 3 field goals and two extra points.  Seahawks seem to be struggling a bit but the scoring isn’t too bad.  They are just giving up a lot more points than they are used to.

Def – Vikings 14

Decided to sit my Bills for this week and let the vikings work.  They almost got the 20 point shutout but KC ended up scoring in the 2nd half.  They also gave up a late fg which hurts a bit.  Overall though, still not a bad score.  The Vikes got 1 fumble recover and 2 sacks.  They also got 10 points from only giving up 10 offensive points.

Total – Not a bad week.  I beat the average and won my head to head game.  Was 2-0 on the week.  This put me in about 5th place, so if the playoffs started today i’d be in the action.

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