Week 7 Starters

It’s about time to keep climbing up that leaderboard.  Currently, I am sitting 5th in the standings with a 6-5 record.  I have a decent matchup this week against the league average.  No head to head matchup.  This could be good or bad.  Seems like there is usually more teams above the average than below so hopefully i’ll stay above and get that W.  Right now I don’t have a high point total, so if the ties keep going, when figuring out the playoffs the total point section might hurt me.

Week 7 Starters

QB – Andrew Luck  vs. New Orleans Saints

Going with Luck again as he is the only QB on my roster.  I normally only carry 1 QB.  There are plenty of other QBs to pick up if i need one.  Luck has been averaging about 24.31 points in our league which isn’t too bad.  He is projected to be a little bit under that which I don’t agree with.  I think the Saints defense is’nt very good and Luck will have at least a 2 touchdown game.  That is 14 points right there.  I also think he will have at least 20 yards rushing and over 280 passing yards.  2 td’s and >250 passing yards is 24 points in itself.  Lets up I undervalued sir Luck this week and he gets 30+

RB1 – DeMarco Murray vs Carolina

Caroline has been playing pretty damn good so far this year.  In fact, last week they just went up and put a hurting on Seattle at home.  That’s a big win and they have some momentum when they come back home.  I’m hoping that Murray’s first 100 yard game give them so of their own momentum and they continue to gain yards and get some points.  I could see Murray getting 70 total yards, 2 receptions and a td.  That is a grand total of 16 points.  I’d take that isnce he is averaging right about 16.

RB2 – LeGarrette Blount vs. NYJ

Still on the fence about this start.  Jets have a good defense but I know if the pats get a lead, they will def. milk the clock.  CJ Anderson is a definite no start since they have a bye.  Ameer Abdullah has been my main RB contributor but he got a little banged up in the last game and just worried if he will get some time.  Theo Riddick played well and im sure they will try to get him some touches.  Dion Lewis is a good option out of the backfield for the pats, but Capt Bill loves his bruises and Blount is a bruiser.

WR1 – Steve Smith vs. Arizona

He tricked me last week and I didn’t start him and he only went off for about 20 some points.  He hurt his back so I did’nt expect him to play.  This week they go against a tough cardinal defense and im sure he will be matched up vs Patrick Peterson.  It always seems that Smith rises to the occasion and always comes up big.  Prediction 5 catches for 65 yards.  11.5 points

WR2 – Vincent Jackson vs. Washington

I like this matchup with washington.  I think it will be a slug fest as both teams suck.  With TB coming off of a bye, i’m sure they got a good scout and can work against washington’s secondary.  The week off should have been good for Winston as he got a chance to relax and watch some film.  I can see 8 catches for 90 yards.  17 pts

WR3 – Keenan Allen vs. OAK

If he is healthy Allen is becoming a must start.  I just don’t know if he is healthy or not.  We will be able to find out in a few hours.  Allen could keep up this crazy pace and get another 10 catches.  Even at a minimum lets say 5 catches for 60 yards.  That is still better than what my bench might offer.  I could see Willie Snead grabbing some points and catches but not sure if he can get more than my starters here.

K – Steven Hauschka vs SFO

This won’t change until they have a bye week.  He’s been averaging 9 points which for a kicker is pretty damn good.  3 extra points and 2 fg – 9 pts

DEF – Bills vs Jacksonville

The only reason i’m starting the bills is because the jags suck.  Bortles has been struggling a bit and they have no running game at all.  That means buffalo and Sexy Rexy can pin the ears back and attack the QB.  We should be getting a few sacks and some turnovers.  Vikings play against detroit and they are having their own troubles.  But i feel like their offense can go for a big day more than jacksonville’s offense.

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