Starters for Week 4

This week I am gonna tear stuff up and get some victories.  I will be passing on my starting lineup for week 4’s games.  This will include the lineup for my fantasy league as well as my ESPN lineup

My fantasy league

QB – Andrew Luck

He is bound to have a good week.  Currently he’s like the 20th rated QB as far as points are concerned.  They have a matchup with Jacksonville and just really need to kick their ass.  I like how the game is in Indy so hopefully that will help him get jump started.

RB1 – DeMarco Murray

This could be a game day replacement.  I do have Ameer Abdullah on the bench in reserve this week.  I will be waiting to see if murray is going to start.  They have a sunday 1pm game so I’ll just have to be turned in.  If Murray starts, I like his chances against a Redskins defense that is ranked 3 in the league so far.  I feel it’s because they played crappy teams.

RB2 – CJ Anderson

A little nervous about this because Anderson has sucked this year so far.  I feel like he has to have a break out game and I want him in the starting lineup when he does.  Sick or swim baby!

WR1 – Steve Smith

“Old” Steve Smith has been a catch machine.  Overall he is in the top ten in points.  This includes all QBs who score a shitload of points in our league.  This game starts tonight so i’ll have a good idea on the points i’ll need to win

WR2 – Keenan Allen

He had a bad week during the second week of the year.  Not sure what happened as i didn’t see any video or anything.  He had a good week 3 and hopefully it continues.  The only bad part is he’s going against my brownies and joe haden.  Lockdown joe always seems to give up a touchdown though, so we shall see what happens

WR3 – Rishard Matthews

This is a wildcard pick.  If steve smith goes bonkers i think i will keep him in there.  If steve smith doesn’t play well tonight i could replace him with vincent jackson.  I am a little worried that Revis Island will be holding whoever he covers in check.  Noone knows who that will be because miami isn’t exactly loaded with WR.  I would like to say Revis will be covering landry and the Cro will be on matthews, but we won’t know.  Plus this game is in london so idk, i might change it before 9 am sunday.

K – Hauschka

Nothing much to say here.  He is the third best point getter for a kicker in the league so far.  Only guys ahead of him are gostkowski from NE and brown from NYG.  He’s averaging ten points so hopefully it keeps up.  They should score against DET.

Def – Bills

Bills defense has been getting some good points.  Averaging about 13 a game which isn’t to bad.  They play the NYG this week and I do have ELI in my espn league so that kinda sucks, but i think they can still be ok.

Damn I ran out of time for my ESPN picks.  I’ll update those tomorrow.  Peace!

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