My Fantasy League – Week 4 Update

Well to start things off for week 4, I managed to put up a big W!  The point total was 101.45 to 89.75.  The only bad part was that even though I won my head to head matchup, I lost to the league average.  So my win / loss record ended up being 1-1.

The move I ended up making after the last post was to insert Derek Carr into my starting lineup.  Andrew Luck had a bye, so I had to pick someone up.

QB – Derek Carr  19.80 pts

Not a bad outing for Carr.  He ended up with 196 passing yards for 9.8 points.  He also threw 2 touchdowns and had an interception for a total of 19.8  I already dropped him from my team so he was servicable for a week replacement

RB – Ameer Abdullah 9.10 pts

Ameer seems like he is off and on.  This would be Ameer’s first prime time game and it came against the seahawks.  They normally have a pretty stout defense, but I felt like I had to start him since DeMarco Murray was out.  Abdullah went for 33 rushing yards and 11 recieving yards for 4.4 pts.  He also added in 54 kick return yards which tallied 2.7 pts.  Then he finished off the scoring with 2 receptions for total of 9.10 pts.

RB – CJ Anderson 8pts

This guy is a disappointment.  I need to just drop his non performing booty.  8 pts is like a miracle that he could score that much.  43 rushing yards and 27 receiving yards on 1 reception is what he brought to the table.  They must have missed tackles to allow him to gain any yards.

WR – Keenan Allen 17.45

Here is the strong point of my team.  Allen caught 4 passes with one being a touchdown.  Those together tally 10 points.  Then you hadd in the 72 receiving yards and 5 punt return yards to get the other 7.45 points.  He’s been a bright spot even though he beat my Browns!

WR – Vincent Jackson 30.70

Big play Jackson boy!  10 catches and a touchdown calls for a great Sunday afternoon.  Then add on to that 147 receiving yards and 30.70 comes awful fast.  The bucs still lost but i dont care because Jackson put up some good money.

WR – Steve Smith 6.40

Well, Stevie didn’t have his normal output but that can be explained.  The old guy got hurt and had to leave the game.  The early reports were that he fractured like 4 bones in his back, but I don’t think it was as bad as what they said.  He shall be back!

K – Steven Hauschka 7.00

Sometimes kickers can get double digit points for a team, this wasn’t one of those weeks.  Seahawks only scored a total of 13 points.  The good thing is that means there were two field goals.  The bad part was that  included one extra point.  So 7 pts later he added to my point total.

Def – Bills 3pts

So even with the lack of production from my kicker and defense, I was still able to pull out that W.  I guess if I got some production, I might have beat the average.  I was less than a point away from 2-0.  Ok, so the bills had one interception and 1 sack.  That totals 3 points.  They gave up 24 offensive points to the giants, which is amazing to begin with. haha.

Oh well…1-1 is still better than 0-2.  Stay tuned for more updates as the season progresses.

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