ESPN Starters Week 4

So yesterday I was able to go through my starters for the My Fantasy League.  Today I will be able to list the starters for my espn fantasy team.  Check it out and tell me what you think.  I have a big match-up and need to win.  My pal TJ (owns has been majorly talking crap to me.  Time to shut him up!

Ok so here are my ESPN starters bros.

QB – Eli Manning

RB – Alfred Morris

RB – Rashad Jennings

WR – Antonio Brown

WR – Brandon Marshall

TE – Jimmy Graham

Flex – Jeremy Maclin

Def – Rams

K – Matt Bryant


QB – Eli Manning

Good reliable Eli.  Still in the air if I want to keep him starting or not.  They play the bills defense which has been on fire.  I have Tyrod Taylor on my bench who in his own right has been playing pretty darn good.  This will be a game time decision on if I should bench Eli or not.  I also have bills defense in the other league…so i hate rooting against each other.  Also hate that I got into two leagues.  But too late now

RBs – Alfred Morris and Rashad Jennings

So, my running backs are shit.  Wishing I could start 4 wr instead of 2 and 2.  But whatever, here we go.  I like Washington’s match-up with the eagles.  I think they can run the ball a bit and hopefully morris can get a td.  Jennings is probably right there with Morris.  Wishing DeMarco Murray was out again because I would totally throw in Ryan Mathews instead of Jennings.  I might still do that even with Murray playing.

WRs – Antonio Brown and Brandon Marshall

I am liking my WR match-ups this week.  Antonio Brown already played so there isn’t any taking him out of the lineup.  Big Ben will be out a few weeks so his value did go down a bit, hopefully not too much.  He only got me 9 points, so that stinks, but I expected a low number to Vick figures it out.  Brandon Marshall can make up for some of that I hope.

TE – Jimmy Grahem

Not a whole lot to talk about here.  There is no way I can take him out of the lineup.  He’s pretty good and should score in double figures.  I just need to get TDs.

Flex – Jeremy Maclin

This spot can be utilized by just about anyone excpet a def or qb.  I like jeremy maclin and am glad that the Chiefs broke that curse with no WR scoring tds already.  I think he can have a good year and should contend for some catches this week against a bengal team.

Def.   – Rams

Going against the Cardinals scares me a bit.  But oh well, hopefully we can wreck some havoc down there in Arizona.  The Rams have a good defense so i’m hoping they get some pressure, get a few sacks, and maybe force a turnover or two.

K – Matt Bryant

Ya,  I only have one kicker so he is the choice whether I like it or not.

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