Good News – Bad News

Alright there fellow football fans.  Today’s post is filled with some good news and some bad news.  The good news is I finally won a freaking game.  The bad news is that I also lost a game by quite a bit.  So, where shall we start friends?

Ok, so my running backs totally suck a$$.  Kind of frustrating but it is what it is.  Both teams the running backs are killing me.

Lets start with My Fantasy League:

I totally dominated my matchup this week.  I scored 163 points.  Which beats me score of 55 last week by a pretty good margin.  In fact, my two receivers from this week scored 80 points between them.  Alright so here’s the breakdown.

Starters —  QB – Andrew Luck (First pick)  RB – Ameer Abdullah, CJ Anderson  WR – Keenan Allen, Vincent Jackson, Steve Smith  K – Steven Hauschka  DEF – Bills

Ok, so Andrew Luck has been pretty damn disappointing so far this year.  I don’t know if it’s his line that totally sucks or what.  I would like to think he has a legit running back in Frank Gore and some decent receivers, but they just can’t get their crap together.  For the leading point getting in our league last year, I expect better things.

The running back situation is just awful.  I did like my pick of Ameer Abdullah, it was in the later rounds.  More of a sleeper back, but I didn’t plan on having to start him already this season.  He got me a good td this week which was nice though.  CJ Anderson has been another bust.  This dude racked up points to end the year last year.  I personally think Peyton Manning is donzo, so I can see his points dwindle this season.  However, Manning is still getting it done for the time being.

The WRs have to be the bright spot.  Not sure what happened in week 2 with Keenan Allen, but his point production has been awesome.  He’s a catch machine.  Steve Smith went H.A.M. this week too.  13 receptions is awesome and really adds to my point total in a PPR.  Then adding a touchdown is pretty good too.  Vincent Jackson was my other starter.  He was kind of a miss this week.  I left Kendall Wright on the bench and he had another 7 catches and a TD.  He might turn into my 3rd receiver.  If they continue to put up numbers, my WR will be the best in the league

I guess the ol’ K position doesn’t matter that much.  I did have a decent day and outscored the other kicker.  I will always try to get a kicker that plays on turf or in a dome.  That way at least half their games are on a decent field.  Plus if it’s crappy out, the dome can shut and they can be protected.  I’m sure this might make it harder to make kicks when your in away stadiums with no protection, but i’ll take my chances.  Could be that only 2 games out of a possible 8 are played in bad conditions.  Compare that with being in Buffalo where 5 out of 8 home games could be bad and thats not even counting away games at NY or NE or Cle.

Usually I like to make sure I have a legit defense.  This year I was able to grab the Bills.  The main reason I jumped on them early was because they would play NE without Tom Brady.  Well, Brady got reinstated and it kinda screwed what I wanted to do.  However, this team has been playing awesome.  I am a big fan of Sexy Rexy, so I like what he does.


Ok, running out of time here folks, i’ll be back tomorrow with my espn week 3 results.


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