Ok, so yesterday we talked about my fantasy team.  Today I will talk about my failures as an espn fantasy coach.  Even though I had a pretty good work scoring 137 points, i got destroyed by 17.  137-154.  This dude is so annoying too.  All he talks about are big ass limos all the time!  Lame!

So here are my performers…if we can call them that!

QB – Eli Manning points

Not a bad showing at all for big Eli.  The giants were able to pull out a big division win over the redskins and seemed to dominate the game.

RB – Alfred Morris

This is one of those fantasy vs fantasy guy games I had going.  I always hope for a really big scoring game with tons of offense.  Morris Sucks is the finally point.  He blows, not sure why i drafted this douchbag.  He is killing my team….need to bench him

RB – Rashad Jennings

I think I like this guy more than statistics and everyone else.  There is really no basis on why I think he would actually perform.  He did grab me 8 points in the game this weekend.  Not sure how he even got those points but he did.

WR – Antonio Brown

This cat is a straight up baller.  I am interested to see how he can perform without Big Ben.  I’m hoping he is still the man because other teams just don’t seem like they can guard him.  He always gets open, pulls in the big catches and scores points.  He got me 21 this week.

WR – Brandon Marshall

Finally, he cracked my starting lineup.  He is starting to look like the guy of old.   I thought these would be numbers he could put up under Cutler in Chicago, but that just seemed like a waste of time.  I watched him play the browns, i think i had him as my flex, and had to put him in the starting lineup.  As long as Fitzpatrick is there he’s gonna score some points.  He gave me 24 this week

TE – Jimmy Graham

I was a little nervous with this pick because he moved to the seahawks instead of the saints.  Russell Wilson is a little more controlled and a game manager instead of a run and shoot or spread type qb.  I still think they can find ways to get him the ball.  This week he proved that and scored 21 points.

Flex – Jeremy Maclin

He lead me this week with a team high 28 points.  Glad he didn’t quit at halftime, because he didn’t do crap up until that point.  I was also pumped to see the Chiefs finally broke that record of consecutive games without a WR catching a touchdown pass.  Way to go Alex Smith!

Def – Falcons

This was a last minute add by me.  Had to drop some crappy rbs to be able to pick up a defense.  Wasn’t sure who to play as I have the rams as well.  Decided i didn’t like the matchup with the rams and through the falcons out there.  The cowboys were short handed without romo, but that didn’t stop them and they scored a ton.  My falcons somehow got me a measly 3 points.  Not the lowest thanks to dill weed Morris though (i’m sure he’s a good runner and it’s just his crappy line and qb play).

K – Matt Bryant

I don’t really care much about this.  I just try to get a kicker that has a good homefield that it prevents a lot of nasty weather kicks.  He scored 7 in that debacle with the cowboys.

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